our missionaries

Northwest Church partners with Foursquare Missions International (FMI) and other missionaries around the globe to bring the good news to all nations. Below are some of the missionaries we support and their mission statements.

Chris and Apple Curry

Foursquare Missions
Bangkok, Thailand
We aim to reach every the unreached Lahu people groups with the Gospel, then disciple, plant churches and train Lahu (Red, Yellow, Black) leaders.

Gary and Paula Hays

We are committed to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), and to protecting children worldwide against trafficking, abuse and drugs. Through our protection outreaches, children are introduced to Jesus and connected to the local church.

Francisco and Natalie Lozano

Studio Del Creador
Tecate, Mexico
Studio Del Creador exists to lead people to Jesus through art, music, creativity and discipleship. We do this by offering free art and music classes in our family community center.

Miles & Debbi Musick

New Beginnings Homes
Puyallup, WA
New Beginnings Home exists to empower at-risk mothers by providing them with mentorship and housing, equipping them to make positive decisions in their lives and the lives of their children.

Joy and Gary Peiss

Foursquare Missions
Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe
The purpose of our mission is to fulfill, to the best of our ability, that which the Lord has called us to here in Bratislava, Slovakia and across Europe – serving and supporting missionaries, and pastoring in our local community.

Anna Marie Mazzone

Foursquare Mission
Bielefeld, Germany, Europe
My mission is serving and working with Foursquare Germany to reach German nationals and the foreign nations coming to Bielefeld as Immigrants and Refugees through evangelism, discipleship, church planting and training young leaders to do the same.

Jesse and Haley Millar

Beza International Ministries
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Africa
Our missions is to Spark a Missional Movement From Ethiopia to Africa and the Rest of the world by working with the African church

Wade and Bea Preston

Foursquare Missions
Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Africa
Our mission is to equip and release African Pastors and Missionaries to reach Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa, and the World.

Northwest Church supports missionaries all over the world and we are committed to praying for them. Here is a list of prayer requests, which we update as they come in.

Jonathan and Sarah Griffiths
FMI Missionaries to England
  • A smooth transition in the move from England to the US. That God would remove any obstacles, open and close doors according to His will and give you peace knowing that it is all part of His plan.
  • That their children will experience His presence, peace and assurance of new friends and a bright future ahead.
  • That the seeds planted while in England will continue to be nurtured, grow and bear much fruit for God’s kingdom.
  • That relationships will continue, even across the world, according to God’s design.
  • That God will bless them with provisions and a new focus as they get re-established in their new home.

Chris Curry
  • Renewed energy and strength for Apple as she continues working at the hospital with Covid worsening and with her new position. 
  •  Patience and for the fruit of the Spirit to be living and active among us as we continue to homeschool our children.
  •  Though access to the Red Lahu has been hampered last month, this month limited access has been granted due to a Lahu holiday. We’ve reengaged with two villages and hope to visit others. We wish to share Jesus with them passionately and also safely. Please be praying.
Gary and Joy Peiss
  • Continued favor in navigating restrictions to allow us to travel and assist/encourage FMI Europe workers in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.
  • Protection over health in the midst of growing (again) Covid cases here in Europe.
  • Thanksgiving for a place for Bratislava International Fellowship (BIF) to meet ... if only for a season.  The Soviet-era performing arts center (Istropolis) we were at has now closed for demolition, but we have been able to use a shared space at the ministry center of our parent church - City Church Bratislava - for our Sunday services.  We are praying for wisdom and guidance as we seek a longer-term solution for gatherings on Sunday and throughout the week.
  • Devoted time and the skills necessary to work on improving our Slovak language skills.

Bea and Wade Preston
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa
  • Those in West Africa who know the love of Christ, to spread it to the 36 ethic groups of Cote d’lvoire and beyond as well as for them to have vision and necessary support.
  •  The final weeks of the Mission School and for the three-month church planting internship. For initiative to apply their training along with encouragement and support.
  •  The Leadership Team and support staff: Bea, Wade, Pastor Wodji, Maman Wodji, Esdras, Helena, Sylvestre, Prisca, Mohammed, Maman Corcher, Larissa and others who “make the work light”.
  •  Stable Internet Connection and Electricity

Jan and Corb Morgan
Many Tribes, Montana
  • For endurance, strength and continued healing for Jeff as well as the new safer environment.
  • For the Native discipleship group that they will grow in love and faith for Christ. For provision in the way of a “meeting place” for these groups.
  • For Corb’s health and  good reports from his doctors.

Anna Marie Mazzone
FMI Missionary / Germany
  • Those on the streets, who we have lost contact with but who have a heart for the Gospel: that they will experience Jesus, continue to seek him and that God would work to grow the seeds that were sown into fruit of salvation and new life in Christ. Pray also for wisdom as to where, when and how we are to start again with discipleship groups.
  • The refugees, to stay connected with fellow Christians and continue to grow in their faith especially the young Persian disciples without Internet access to be discipled by the Holy Spirit in their special time of local fellowship and that He will fill the gaps where we are limited.
  • The teen groups to be able to meet in person as soon as possible so as to build connections and grow in their faith. For the right Kids/Youth Pastor to come forward with a heart for these youth and a willingness to invest 100% of their time and focus.

Ron Walker
Hope Nation (Sports Ministry)
  • A Christian (born again) ex professional basketball player or college coach to become a part of the basketball outreach and make a difference in the lives of young men.
Studio Del Creador
Tecate, Mexico
  • Strengthening of faith, comfort and peace for those who are members of our congregation who have been discouraged from being faced with the many trials of 2021 and especially for those who have lost loved ones.
  • Continual health for pastor Francisco Lozano, who faces various chronic illnesses. 
  • God to have His hand on our city and wash out all corruption and evil works. May His peace reign in our city of Tecate Mexico.