our missionaries

Northwest Church supports missionaries all over the world and we are committed to praying for them. Here is a list of prayer requests, which we update as they come in.

Bea and Wade Preston
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa
  • Those in West Africa who know the love of Christ, to spread it to the 36 ethic groups of Cote d’lvoire and beyond as well as for them to have vision and necessary support.
  •  The final weeks of the Mission School and for the three-month church planting internship. For initiative to apply their training along with encouragement and support.
  •  The Leadership Team and support staff: Bea, Wade, Pastor Wodji, Maman Wodji, Esdras, Helena, Sylvestre, Prisca, Mohammed, Maman Corcher, Larissa and others who “make the work light”.
  •  Stable Internet Connection and Electricity

Jan and Corb Morgan
Many Tribes, Montana
  • Native people attending gatherings would have open hearts, especially as testimonies are being shared.
  • Jeff’s healing, that his balance and walking improves and for wisdom as we seek Medical advice
  • Good health, provision and discernment for Jan and Corb
  • Prayers for an upcoming trip to a brain clinic in North Caroline for treatment for Jeff

Bruce and Kara Sanders
YWAM, Kona, HI
  • Home repair/remodel, that God would favor them with finances and permits.
  • That as God opens more doors for Kara to work with trafficked women, that she will be filled with loving guidance and wisdom.
  • Healing for Bruce and Esperanza

Anna Marie Mazzone
FMI Missionary / Germany
  • Those on the streets, who we have lost contact with but who have a heart for the Gospel: that they will experience Jesus, continue to seek him and that God would work to grow the seeds that were sown into fruit of salvation and new life in Christ. Pray also for wisdom as to where, when and how we are to start again with discipleship groups.
  • The refugees, to stay connected with fellow Christians and continue to grow in their faith especially the young Persian disciples without Internet access to be discipled by the Holy Spirit in their special time of local fellowship and that He will fill the gaps where we are limited.
  • The teen groups to be able to meet in person as soon as possible so as to build connections and grow in their faith. For the right Kids/Youth Pastor to come forward with a heart for these youth and a willingness to invest 100% of their time and focus.

Northwest District Medical Teams
Dr. Dan and Rosanne Thompson
  • That the Home Mission would run smoothly with a surplus of supplies and volunteers as well as the needs of many people being served resulting in a growth of God’s kingdom.
  • That more people would participate in the prayer walk outreach, that the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer would cover our community bearing much fruit for the kingdom.
  • For wisdom and discernment regarding how Northwest Medical teams can serve in any location &/or with any people group.

Jonathan and Sarah Griffiths
FMI Missionaries to England
  • Thank you for your prayers for our boys as they headed back to school last month. All went really well and they’re looking forward to being back at school after their Easter break. Please pray for continued success and protection.
  • England is slowly opening back up and we were able to see Jonny’s family on Easter Sunday. We are grateful! Pray for health and blessings over them.
  • Jonny and Sarah are both pursuing greater depths of health in all areas. Pray that as we go deeper, the love of Christ shines more brightly to our friends, family and neighbors. Pray for a mindfulness and sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirits.
  • Please pray for wisdom and energy in serving our neighbors and friends during this season.

Ron Walker
Hope Nation (Sports Ministry)

  • A Christian (born again) ex professional basketball player or college coach to become a part of the basketball outreach and make a difference in the lives of young men.
Studio Del Creador
Tecate, Mexico
  • Strengthening of faith, comfort and peace for those who are members of our congregation who have been discouraged from being faced with the many trials of 2020 and especially for those who have lost loved ones.
  • Continual health for pastor Francisco Lozano, who faces various chronic illnesses. 
  • God to have His hand on our city and wash out all corruption and evil works. May His peace reign in our city of Tecate Mexico.

Chandelle Body

  • For provision regarding a home both physically and spiritually
  • For wisdom, guidance and discernment in making the right choices.
  • For believers in the area who have lost their church homes due to COVID, that their faith would only increase as they press into the Lord.
  • That the rise of COVID cases in Alaska would cease and that God’s intervention would be acknowledged!

Jesse and Haley

  • Continued good health for Haley as they are expecting baby #3, for a smooth delivery and a perfectly healthy baby.
  • Travel mercies as they return to US in July for their 2-year visit and for blessings as they reconnect with friends and family.
  • Peace throughout their mission country, that the civil unrest would be resolved through strong, courageous believers. Also, for the safety of those believers and for them to discern God’s will should the need arise to evacuate.
  • Encouragement, Divine strategies and soft hearts regarding the pastor of a recent church plant where persecution is occurring and for that body of believers to be protected and to stand strong in their faith.

Gary and Joy Peiss
  • The building that we meet in for church services will be torn down sometime after the beginning of the year. We have been looking for a good space that is a little larger for growth, has parking available, tram and bus lines close, and hopefully a store and cafes so we can gather to eat after service, which is a great way to bond our church community and get to know newcomers better.
  • Right now (as of Nov. 4th) because Slovakia is in lockdown again, we can’t hold services together in our building, so we are back online. Please pray for the mass Covid testing that our country is doing will result in allowing us to meet together again in person, in our building and hopefully our new place soon. 
  •  Our FMI missionaries are continuing to develop relationships with one another, and the Care Clusters that Gary set up are beginning to take place. Please pray for those groups to learn in greater ways to care for one another and to grow in unity?