Northwest Church is on mission with Jesus to see the lost saved and disciples made.

In light of our mission, we have developed a clear path for discipleship that provides a place for everyone to be and make disciples. Below is a summary of our discipleship path which outlines the various opportunities and how you can get involved!

Our discipleship tracks are 5-week classes that focus on the essentials of our Christian faith.  Each track includes teaching, discussion, and prayer as well as a commitment to outside learning through daily Bible reading and weekly messages.  We have 3 Discipleship Tracks that build on each other:

Track 1: Following Jesus – Through this class, you will learn more about who Jesus is, what He desires for your life, and how to follow Him closely and consistently.

Track 2: Experiencing the Holy Spirit – Through this class, you will learn more about who the Holy Spirit is, what it means to be baptized with the Spirit, the purpose and power of spiritual gifts as well as how to follow His leading in your daily life.

Track 3: Embracing Spiritual Practices – Through this class, you will learn more about how to study the Bible, the importance of serving, and the impact of the local church.  

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Jared Hunt.
In order for us to grow deeper in the Lord, we must cultivate healthy Christian relationships that are built around Scripture, Prayer, and Worship. Being part of a group will encourage, challenge, and empower you to love God more, build His church, and serve others well.
If you would like to join a group or you are considering starting a group, reach out to Pastor Jared.
We recognize the need for life-on-life discipleship that happens best in a committed relationship with trusted people who can walk someone to the next stage of spiritual development. At NWC we have Discipleship Mentors that will commit to a weekly meeting with someone who is ready to grow in Christ intentionally. Also, in this way we are committed to connecting the generations by learning from one another. One-on-one discipleship will help you understand God’s purpose and plan for your life, as you meet with faithful followers of Jesus.  

If you have been a member of NWC for some time, and are interested in becoming a mentor, reach out to Pastor Jared.
It is the primary purpose of Immersion Discipleship School (IDS) to equip this generation of spiritual leaders for the Work of God through the Word of God by the Power of the Holy Spirit. IDS is a Bible training program that Pastor Ben Dixon has led for years. Something that sets IDS apart from many other schools, internships, and institutes is that it has specifically been designed for all ages and stages of life. We believe that our program will work for everyone so you don't have to make drastic changes in order to participate and grow in the Lord. Lastly, we believe that IDS will reveal God’s plan and purpose for your life through discovering the deep truths of God’s Word.