nwc home mission

HOMe MISSION 2021 - ministry to the homeless

On August 28th, 2021 Northwest Church is conducting an outreach to the homeless right here at the church. Between 10am and 2pm we will provide medical care, clothing, hygiene kits, serve a packed lunch, share the gospel and provide prayer counseling for hopefully between 100 and 200 homeless people.


To sign up as a volunteer for this one-day outreach, contact Sandra Little at sandralittle48@yahoo.com.

If you are a medical professional and are interested as a medical volunteer, please contact Dan & Rosanne Thompson at dnrthompson@gmail.com.

Prayer Needs

1. Unity in all teams and throughout the church
     a. Psalm 133:1   b. John 13:35   c. John 17:23   d. Romans 12:16-18

2. Holy boldness over every volunteer to share the gospel through their testimony
     a. Acts 4:31   b. Ephesian 6:19   c. Acts 4:29    d. 2 Corinthians 3:12

3. Protection for all volunteers from sickness, disease, and harm
     a. Psalm 34:6   b. Psalm 34: 17-18   c. Deuteronomy 7:15   Psalm 91

4. God to bring many homeless/nomadic people to the clinic for us to serve
     a. Proverb 19:17   b. Matthew 25:35-40

5. The glory of the Lord to rest upon our campus that day to heal, deliver and set every captive free
     a. Mark 16:17-18   b. 2 Chronicles 5:14

6. God to break up the hardness of hearts so the seed of his word can be planted In good soil
     a. Hosea 10:12    b. Ezekiel 36:26    c. Ephesian 4:18

7. Many souls to receive salvation
     a. Mark 16: 15-16   b. 1 Corinthian 9:22    c. Romans 1: 16    d. Luke 19:10

8. For God to provide the provisions for everything that we need to accomplish the vision the way God desires
     a. 2 Corinthians 9:8    b. Philippians 4:19      c. Psalm 84:11      d. Ephesian 2:8-10

9. That God will call intercessors for this mission, so his power and his will can be done through this outreach
     a. Exodus 15:3-6   b. Proverbs 26:2     c. Luke 10:19       d. Psalm 125