We have decided on a bit of a hybrid option for our onsite services.  Many of you told us that having services outside was best for you while others would like to go back into the building.  So, we decided that we are going to do both!  However, it is obvious that we can't do it all so here is how that will look. 

1.  Wednesday 7 pm Ignite Gathering will be inside our sanctuary (and overflow)
2.  Saturday 5 pm will be inside our sanctuary (and other rooms for overflow)
3.  Sunday 9 and 11:30 am will be outside in our parking lot unless it rains

*If it rains we will go inside the building with the guidelines below

All of our indoor services come with restrictions/guidelines in order to create a safe environment.  Please be aware of the following:

1.  Limited Seating - Because of social distancing we have restricted seating which means that at best our sanctuary will seat about 150.  We will make other rooms available if needed but this will be a first come first serve situation.  

2.  Face Masks - The guidelines require face masks so we are strongly encouraging this and making them available in case you don't have one.

3.  Hand Sanitizer stations - We will have tables in each room with hand sanitizer available for use before and after all services. 

4.  Increased Cleaning - We want you to know that portions of the building, specifically worship areas and high-traffic areas, are thoroughly sanitized before and after services.

5. Physical distancing (six-foot requirement) - Proper physical distancing will be adhered to in service for your protection. Please follow distancing requirements throughout the building. 

6.  Touchless environment - No bulletins or other items will be handed and offering buckets will not be passed during services.  All internal church doors will remain open and drinking fountains will be turned off.

7.  Bathrooms - Each room that is used during services will have access to a set of bathrooms.  We will have signs posted about distancing and numbers of people who can use each bathroom at a time.  We are asking for each person to do their best to follow these guidelines.

8.  Children & Youth - As per the current gathering requirements, we will not have any children's classes available onsite. Children are welcome to attend main service with their families as long as they remain with their household at all times. 

If you don't feel comfortable coming back yet, that's okay! You can expect the same church online experience next week and moving forward.  We will continue to have our online services live-streamed on FacebookYouTube, and Livestream during our normal service times - Wednesday at 7pm (Ignite Gathering), Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 9 am and 11:30 am.

This is going to look different. We've all been experiencing "different" for the last several months, and things will continue to be different for the foreseeable future. In the midst of this we are doing everything we can to help people "Reach up to God and Reach out to others."