Onsite & Online

    Saturday |  5 pm

    Sunday | 9 & 11:30 am

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    Wednesday | 7 pm

    Onsite & Online 

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All of our services come with guidelines in order to create a safe environment. Please be aware of the following:

1. Spacious Seating - We have taken out some rows in order to make more space in between families and households. To allow for more spacing, we have less seating but have opened up more rooms to ensure everyone has a place onsite. 

2.  Face Masks - The guidelines we have been given recommend face masks in any public space. We will have masks available in case you don't have one. 

3.  Hand Sanitizer stations - We will have sanitation stations in each meeting area with hand sanitizer available for use before and after all services. 

4.  Increased Cleaning - We want you to know that portions of the property, specifically worship areas and high-traffic areas, are thoroughly sanitized before and after services.

5. Physical distancing  - We encourage the recommended physical distancing before, during, and after our services. 

6.  Children - We will be launching our first phase of Children's Ministry with classes for children ages 6 months - 4 years old. Children must be registered online for class before service. Each week's signup link can be found on our Childrens page.

If you don't feel comfortable coming back yet, that's okay! You can expect the same church online experience.  We will continue to have our online services live streamed on FacebookYouTube, and Livestream during our normal service times - Wednesday at 7 pm (Ignite Gathering), Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 9 & 11:30 am.

This is going to look different. We've all been experiencing "different" for the last several months, and things will continue to be different for the foreseeable future. In the midst of this we are doing everything we can to help people "Reach up to God and reach out to others."