Ministry training intensive

Three-day seminar, November 15-17, 9am to 5pm

Cost: $20 per person

Location: Northwest Foursquare Church


The Ministry Training Intensive is based on the principles of the book "Doing What Jesus Did" written by John and Sonja Decker. Their ministry team will be with us to teach on how to minister in the Power of the Holy Spirit. You’ll discover who God has created you to be and what he’s designed you to do. 

Learn how to:   

  • Lead People to Christ

  • Lead Christians into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

  • Heal the Sick

  • Hear from God

  • Heal the Sick by Revelation

  • Preach the Gospel

  • Deal with Demons

Watch as your faith and confidence grows. Allowing the Holy Spirit to equip and empower you for greater ministry. As you step into your new-found authority in Christ, your life and the lives of those you minister to, will be transformed.