Silent Prayer Retreat

  • The retreat will begin with a time of preparation, preparing our hearts. On Saturday there will be teaching on how to hear and receive from the Lord. Throughout the retreat there will be periods of silent prayer and worship. During the silent times there will be no communication with one another in order to seek God and hear without distractions. The retreat will end with a time of sharing and communion. Please note: all meals are simple meals provided by the Sisters of Saint Placid Priory.

  • “And when He had sent them away, He departed to the mountain to pray.” Mark 6:46


    Jesus often went up into the mountains or the wilderness areas to be alone with God. Silence keeps the heart, mind and soul quiet so that the voice of God can be heard.

  • This retreat is open to anyone who needs:

    • To receive direction from God
    • To deepen their walk with God
    • To seek God’s face for answers

  • July 13-14, 2019

    We have about one retreat every season. Participants will arrive by 8:30am on Saturday and the retreat will end at noon on Sunday.  The cost for participants is $80/per person, including 3 meals. 

  • St. Placid Priory

    500 College St. NE in Lacey, WA


    This retreat center is nestled among the trees with three walking paths.

Registration usually opens six weeks prior to the retreat