want to go deeper in your walk with Christ?

Operation Solid Lives (OSL) is a discipleship program designed to transform lives by saturating  attendees with the Word of God while limiting the distractions of the world. Whether you have been a  Christian for a long time or recently decided to follow Jesus, OSL is for you. This program can  powerfully change any life forever, not because of the classes, but because of the focus on the life changing power of the Lord and personal time with Him.   

During the class you will be in the Word daily while journaling using the SOAP method (Scripture,  Observation, Application, Prayer).  In doing this it helps us to meditate on the Word and learn to hear  from God in a deeper way.  You will also be in prayer daily building your personal relationship with  God while spending quality time with Him.  There are additional teachings to listen to during the week  so that you can continue to grow in the Word, time is set aside for ministry and attending church  services.  While doing all this there is a short media fast so we can take the distractions of this world  out of our lives to focus on God and who He is calling us to be. 


In Level 1, we learn not just how much God really loves us, but the price He paid for us. We see throughout the entire Bible where He is trying to show us He is always there calling us to Him.  We learn the Good News is really not good news when we don’t understand the Bad News and what true repentance means. Register for upcoming classes by clicking the links below:


In Level 2, we learn about what blood covenant truly means and how it affects so many parts of our  lives.  We learn how to understand and receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and how much He  desires for us to have the gifts He is offering. We also learn how we can help others to receive the  Baptism with the Holy Spirit. 


In Level 3, we learn what it means to have authority through Jesus Christ and how to use that authority. We hear how to plant His Word and teachings deep inside and how the enemy tries to steal it away from us.


In Level 4, we learn to praise and worship the Lord in every part of our lives, wherever we are in life. We hear about the power of the Holy Spirit and what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit. 


In Level 5, we learn how to put it into practice all that we have learned in Levels 1-4.   We learn about the calling God has put on every, single person. We hear and come to an understanding of what it means when the Bible says,“We reap what we sow." His promises are true, and they are given to us! 

Each level of OSL is built upon the last. Completing each level in order is necessary to fully comprehend the material and press in to what God has in store for us. 

Questions? Contact osl@nwcfoursquare.org