This summer we have multiple teams going on short term mission trips and want to cover each team in prayer. Would you like to sign up and commit to pray for one of the teams, two teams--or maybe every outreach? 

Prayer bookmarks will be available in the gym on the weekend before or the weekend of the start of the mission. 

If you would like to commit to praying regularly for a specific team (or all teams) and receive team updates by email during the mission, please sign up here. 

The following teams are going this summer:

Medical Mission to Cote D'Ivoire, Africa (June 15-30)
Royal Family Kids Camp (June 16-21)
Teen Reach Adventure Camp for Boys (June 21-23)
Junior High Backyard Mission (June 26-29)
Teen Reach Adventure Camp for Girls (June 29 - July 1)
High School & Young Adults Montana Mission (July 5-13)
Summer Mission to Sequim (July 28 - August 3)