14 Days of Prayer & Fasting

AUGUST 1-14, 2020

All throughout Scripture we read about times in history where God’s people united together in prayer and fasting. We believe that this is such a time in 2020 so we are calling the body of Christ to press into God through prayer fasting during the month of August. As we seek God together in this way we expect that He will speak to us and move powerfully in our hearts and homes (Hebrews 11:6). If NWC is your church home we are asking you and your families to participate in this fast and we encourage you to prepare your heart for how you will seek God during this time. You may have some questions about fasting so please read through the rest of this flyer for some of our thoughts and suggestions as you join your church family in “focus” 2020 to the Lord Jesus!



Fasting is when someone or a group of people abstain from food either fully or partially for a specific period of time in order to seek God through prayer. Many people in Biblical times practiced fasting as a spiritual discipline or in response to a specific need. In the Old Testament, Israel was required by God to fast collectively at least once a year on the Day of Atonement as well as other occasions. In the New Testament we have records of the early church fasting and praying together for specific reasons and reliable church history tells us that Christians practiced fasting at least twice a week.  



Knowing what a fast is doesn’t necessarily mean we understand its purpose. We can find many good Scriptural reasons for fasting and below you will find a short list that may be helpful. It’s important to remember that we not only fast and pray for ourselves, but also for those around us.


1. To humble ourselves to God through repentance – (Psalm 35:13, 1 Samuel 7:6, Ezra 9)

2. To draw closer to God – (James 4:8)

3. To receive revelation from God’s Word – (Ephesians 1:17-22)

4. To know God’s will or direction – (Acts 13:1-2)

5. To seek healing/deliverance – (Isaiah 58, Matthew 17:21)

6. To seek God’s intervention – (2 Samuel 12:16-23, 2 Chronicles 20:3)

7. To intercede for others – (Daniel 9:3)



There are many different ways to do a fast depending on your situation. The most important part of fasting is the time we spend with God in prayer. If we deny ourselves food and do not pray then we will accomplish nothing. The following types of fasts are simply references to what we can do as we seek the Lord in prayer. 


1. Full Fast

A full fast is where you go completely without food for a specific amount of time. There are at least four references in the Bible where people fasted food and water; however we are only referencing food as a ‘full fast’ for obvious reasons. If you choose to do a full fast then we recommend you consult with others prior to doing so, especially if you take any kinds of medication. 

2. Partial Fast

A partial fast is to simply go without a meal or two during the day of your fast. For example, you could fast from breakfast and lunch and spend an extended amount of time in prayer in place of that meal. There are no rules to this kind of fasting but you should decide beforehand what you will do and stick to it as with all fasts.  


3. Daniel Fast

This kind of fast comes from Daniel chapter 10, where Daniel had a terrifying vision that caused him to abstain from all pleasant food and drink. If you choose to do this kind of fast then essentially you will be abstaining from all “meats, sweets, and treats.” Most people stick to fruits, vegetables and nuts or similar kinds of protein. There are many resources online that could provide healthy options with this fast.


4. Media Fast (Daniel 6:18)

Sometimes we are unable to participate in abstaining from food for various reasons, however, this does not mean we cannot fast and pray. We strongly encourage you to fast by replacing some forms of entertainment (TV, movies, internet surfing) with prayer and intentional time with family. God often uses this kind of fast to quiet the noise in our life and increase our ability to hear His voice.



1. Plan your fast – (What kind of fast? How long? Write your plan out clearly!)

2. Be specific with your fasting – (Know why you’re fasting and what you’re praying for)

3. Plan your prayer time for each day – (When will you pray? Make this part of your plan)

4. Journal your fast – (God will speak to you, but it may mean more at another time - journal)

5. Drink lots of water – (We get most of our water from food, so double up on your water)

6. Invite Accountability – (It’s good to share what you’re doing with a trusted friend)

Ben Dixon

Lead Pastor

Northwest Church

PRAyer points

During your Focus Prayer and Fasting, several prayer points are provided to help focus your heart in seeking the Lord during this 14-day period.  They are divided into two categories:  

Week 1 - Personal: Refreshing Renewal and Repentance 

These prayer points are all about you and the Lord.

Week 2 - Intercession: Seeking God’s Divine Intervention 

These prayer points are all about everyone else.

Note: You are not locked into weeks as shown you are encouraged to give significant time to the personal before doing intercession.

In addition to using the prayer points and praying during your fast you are encouraged to do the following:

Read Scripture - Spend time reading your bible. Fasting is a great time to get the seed of God’s word in your heart, to water and nurture the word of God that is already in you. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Follow the Northwest Church Reading Plan on our app or download the bookmark.

  2. Join Pastor Ben for The Daily Word, Wednesday-Friday at 8 am PST.
    You can watch live or see the replay anytime on Facebook and YouTube.

  3. Follow your own reading plan.

  4. Ask the Holy Spirit where He would have you focus in God’s word during the fast.

Worship Praise Thanksgiving – Take time during your prayer and throughout your day to intentionally express your adoration for who God is and what God has done and give thanks. You can do this during your prayer times and throughout your day in words, song, dance, music, meditating on His goodness as long as it is from the heart.  Even when you may not be  “feeling it” turning my focus to Him in worship in praise and simply giving thanks warms my heart changes my perspective, draws me into his presence, and readies my heart to hear and receive from our gracious and powerful heavenly Father.

Week 1: August 1-7

Prayer Focus:  Personal Refreshing Renewal And Repentance

  • Pray that God would reveal anything or anyone in your life that is hindering your fellowship with Him. 
  • Pray that God would expose those areas of your life that are interfering with your spiritual fruitfulness. 
  • Pray that God would grant you the desire and the courage to acknowledge them and with faith confess them fully and humbly before Him receiving forgiveness and cleansing. 
  • Pray that God would help you to trust Him more and to release the areas of your heart that you have not yet fully surrendered to Him.
  • Pray the Spirit would show you any areas of self-reliance in your life so you may confess them receive healing, cleansing, and forgiveness.
  • Pray for God to show you any un-forgiveness or offenses in your heart and to help you to forgive. 
  • Pray that God would give you the strength to endure and rejoice during times of trials. 
  • Pray that God would fill you afresh with the Holy Spirit and power.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would help you exercise His fruits of love joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
  • Pray for a greater hunger for God and His word.
  • Pray for a hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  • Pray that every hunger pang or craving would be turned towards God.
  • Pray that you would experience the sweetness of God’s word.
  • Pray that you would be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.
  • Pray that you would do your part in making disciples of all nations.
  • Pray for a new level of spiritual refreshment and strength that can only come from the Lord.
  • Pray that God would fill your life with a deeper desire for and awareness of His presence and power in your life.
  • Pray that God would grant you a deeper hunger for Him than for the creature comforts the world offers.
  • Pray that God would give you wisdom for the circumstances and situations you are currently facing.
  • Pray for healing in your life. 

Matthew 22:37; Chronicles 7:14; Hebrews 12:1; 1 John 1:8-10; Mark 11:25; Matthew 5:6; Proverbs 3:5; Acts 1:8; James 1:4; Matthew 5:13-16; Matthew 28:19; James 1:5; 1 Peter 2:24

Week 2: August 8-14

Prayer Focus: Intercession - Seeking God’s Divine Intervention

  • Continue personal refreshing renewal and repentance daily.
  • Pray for COVID-19 to be eradicated and the spread stopped.
  • Pray for medical workers, first responders, pastors, volunteers, and all other workers are healed and safe from COVID-19.
  • Thank God for those who have been healed, avoided contracting, and for comforting those who have had losses during the pandemic.
  • Pray for healing for COVID-19 patients as well as for others suffering from illness & disease. 
  • Pray for the salvation of your families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers.
  • Pray for racism to be eradicated. 
  • Pray for safety and healing for Black Americans, police officers, peaceful protesters, those in harm's way, businesses, etc. from haters, and those bent on violence and disruption.
  • Take authority over spirits of evildoers, lawlessness, in Jesus' name command the activity to cease in the spirit realm. 
  • Pray for healing and reconciliation from the damage of racism to all people.
  • Pray for the President, Governors, Mayors, and all elected officials to hear and follow divine wisdom and to make decisions and behave in ways that cause people to live peaceable lives.  
  • Pray they will come into the fear of the Lord.
  • Pray for the salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit of all our elected officials.  
  • Pray that the political divide would close and all parties would align with the will of God and be in unity towards God’s will for people.
  • Pray for our education system for administrators, teachers, and parents to hear divine wisdom and to work together to do what is best for all students at every level.
  • Pray that teachers and students can safely return to the classrooms.
  • Pray as we wait for schools to reopen, for parents, teachers, and caretakers, to receive divinely inspired ideas to help them in educating the children. 
  • Pray for parents & caregivers to receive all the help and resources they need to best serve the children. 
  • Pray for ways that parents, children, and youth can release the stress that is healthy and beneficial. 
  • Pray for businesses to be sustained during this season. 
  • Pray for the unemployed to get the help they need and find employment.
  • Pray for unity in the Body of Christ.
  • Pray for NWC congregants’ safety, for the provision and to be strong in faith, obedient to God and remain under the blessing that we be a blessing to others.
  • Pray for NWC pastors, staff volunteers safety, provision, and focus on hearing and obeying God for their families, congregation, community, and personally. Pray that we would be strong in faith, blessed, and a blessing to our families, congregations, and communities.
  • Thank God for healing our land, declare that things are working together for our good because we are the Church, humbling ourselves, praying, and continually turning from our wicked ways.

I am praying that you will be blessed beyond measure during your fast and your relationship with the Lord will go deeper than before.

Love and blessing,


Pastor, Prayer Ministries